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Jul 05, 2018

Trying to Capture Thousands of Data Points to Prioritize Workflow?

You have millions of poles, thousands of roof-top solar locations, or a thousand substations across the country, and you’re trying to capture unique data about each one. Sound familiar?

What a daunting task to not only capture this data but to consolidate, access and make sense of it. When there is an increasing and continuous flow of information for an overwhelming amount of assets that you need to make sense of at a moment’s notice, having your geographically-dispersed workforce track assets on paper just won’t cut it.

Imagine if asset data could be easy to find using a central, cloud-based repository that can be accessible from anywhere in the world, even from a mobile device; making it simple for anyone to get up to speed on the latest asset information, location and maintenance history. At an asset-level, imagine electronically capturing any type of data you want, including documentation, drawings and photos. Imagine the possibilities if you had a tool that had adaptive-learning abilities to find new trends over time. At a macro level, wouldn’t it be nice to see a big picture view to know where operational issues exist so you can prioritize maintenance?


Atonix Digital Program Management solves all of your data consolidation challenges. Powered by our ASSET360® cloud-based analytics platform, it consolidates data from a variety of sources into a single point of reference allowing teams to share information in real-time, allowing you to see data and identify trends at either a micro or macro level.

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