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Jun 02, 2020

The Catch-22 of the Digital Revolution

BY Atonix Digital Team

Atonix Digital Experts Weigh in on How Innovative Technologies Increase Productivity…and RISK


Black & Veatch released the 2020 Strategic Directions: Megatrends report, revealing the most striking and consistent trends across the water, power, telecommunications, natural gas, commercial and industrial (C&I) and manufacturing industries.

Surveying hundreds of municipalities, it’s clear that the technological advances of IoT have improved operational efficiency and reliability. In fact, of the 500 individuals surveyed, a combined 64 percent see their investment in digitalization as positive.

But there’s a catch.

Innovation in connectivity also increases the threat margin. Smart cybersecurity professionals and regulators lose sleep over the potential of a large-scale cyberattack. It’s more than a bad dream--hackers shut down the Ukrainian power grid in 2015, affecting 250,000 people. Hackers are savvier than ever, weaponizing ransomware and using it to attack municipal computer systems and data networks.

To protect the populations you serve, your organization must balance technological opportunity with safety and security.

Turn to page 15 of the 2020 Strategic Directions: Megatrends report to learn which channels to prioritize in your security strategy. Atonix Digital leader, Matt Kirchner, Director of Product Management, and Andrew Chastain-Howley, Director of Water Solutions for Black & Veatch, unpack options to successfully execute that strategy.

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