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Georgia Pacific created its Collaboration and Support Center (CSC) under the premise of helping the organization improve faster than they ever had before – leveraging digital resources to provide remote site support.  They recognized that their sites have thousands of data points with only a few operators per shift – how could they possibly review that information manually?  With these realizations in mind, and the goal of learning fast, GP started a pilot of AtonixOI.

During the pilot, GP discovered many issues including a generator bearing temperature issue that was below DCS alarm limits.  This issue alone would’ve resulted in a $1M+ failure.  Gary Frost, Digital Transformation Leader for Georgia Pacific states in the below video, “It made us say ‘Wow, we don’t need any more proof than this.’”

Gary and Brian discuss several more examples of issues identified with AtonixOI in the below video of their Connected Plant Conference presentation.  Have a look.

Source: Connected Plant Conference

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