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EthosEnergy Partners with Atonix Digital to Grow Power Plant Service Business

The Optimization and Upgrades (OAU) Division of EthosEnergy Group is singularly focused on growth. Part of its portfolio of independent service offerings, EthosEnergy specializes in staffing and operating power plants for other companies, including both utility and industrial producers. With rising cost and complexity, a growing number of power producers have turned to EthosEnergy to augment – and even manage outright – day-to-day plant operations.

“We can email directly from ASSET360, and attach any graphs or reports we want. Then recipients can click ‘Reply’ and respond to everyone, while posting back to the ASSET360 thread.”
Kristin C. | Predictive Maintenance Manager


For many of its clients, EthosEnergy staffs and retains plant operation specialists, including engineers, maintenance personnel, dispatchers, and other day-to-day workers. In addition to daily operations, these employees help in new equipment commissioning and upgrades.

Whatever the account particulars, EthosEnergy relies on two SaaS products from Atonix Digital – Performance Analysis and Monitoring & Diagnostics – to improve understanding of asset performance and prevent costly failures. Built on the secure ASSET360 cloud platform, these SaaS products evolved as internal resources for Black & Veatch, and are infused with over 30 years of power plant operations experience.

“The role of the Atonix Digital software is twofold,” explained Brady Kirkwood, EthosEnergy’s Lead Monitoring & Diagnostics Engineer.  “It lets us uphold whatever contractual requirements we’ve specified with each client, and it lets them know we’re here monitoring their plant.” Indeed, with Performance Analysis and Monitoring & Diagnostics, EthosEnergy enjoys a level of customization that demonstrates clear value and helps close new business quickly.

Prior to deploying Atonix Digital’s SaaS products, EthosEnergy was using its own, internally-developed software solution. Certain shortcomings with this system, however, led Kirkwood and his team to evaluate solutions on the market. After evaluating several options, the team narrowed the field to two products: GE Digital SmartSignal and Atonix Digital ASSET360.

According to Kirkwood, three factors led to the decision to go with ASSET360. “For one thing,” he recounted, “it was more competitively priced. Second, ASSET360 was more feature-rich; the functionality provided by Issues Management, View Explorer, and Performance Analyst just wasn’t offered by SmartSignal. Third was the willingness of Atonix to partner with us for the future development of tools and capabilities.”

The decision paid off. “I think the ability to tailor access to different end users is right where we want it,” Kirkwood said. “We have clients with multiple sites. We can easily change their access to add a site. It’s no problem.”

Kirkwood listed other benefits. “The ASSET360 security features suit our needs perfectly,” he reflected. “And we use native software functionality to communicate emerging issues to sites that are affected.”

ASSET360 integrates seamlessly with email, which helps EthosEnergy accommodate virtually any operations model. “Some users respond by email to the issues we raise,” said Kirkwood. “Others log into the portal. Whatever’s easiest for them, as long as the issue doesn’t get lost in the ether.”

No matter which access option clients choose, ASSET360 tracks and maintains a history of all issues, actions, and resolutions.


Not surprisingly, EthosEnergy’s focus on growth is matched by its intense scrutiny of the service’s bottom-line performance. Here too, Atonix Digital’s Monitoring & Diagnostic software aligns perfectly with EthosEnergy’s strategy.

“We’re able to monitor more sites, with more asset tags per site,” said Kirkwood, “with fewer people. By that metric alone, we now do ten times more work per hour using ASSET360 than we did before.”

Nevertheless, the OAU vision is epic, and the work has only just begun. In pursuing it, EthosEnergy recognizes the value of collaborating with Atonix Digital.

“Our ability to pursue development of new capabilities jointly with Atonix, as a strategic partner, is extremely important to us,” Kirkwood affirmed. “We’re very happy with the direction the development is going.”

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Atonix Digital Performance Analysis and Monitoring & Diagnostics, powered by ASSET360


10x increase in productivity
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