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Complex construction and distributed asset deployment projects demand organization for maximum efficiency. As your program management hub, SEKOIA provides a single, centralized location to view a project's design, schedule status and performance at anytime for all stakeholders. This enhances visibility, drives schedule efficiency, informs decisions and enables quicker issue identification and resolution.

Organize Assets and Projects

Eliminate the need for separate data sources, file distribution and project updates with one single source of truth.

Increase Team Collaboration

Create updates, dimensional and spatial drawings, and reports and forecasts in real time across all stakeholders.

Centralize Asset Documentation

Maintain a historical account on every asset, from planning to operations and maintenance management.


Read our blog for more information about SEKOIA:

Falling behind on your project deployment?

Trying to capture thousands of data points to prioritize workflow?

Having a hard time resolving geographically dispersed issues quickly?


Reduces planning time and simplifies forecasting

Provides instant awareness of status and issues across thousands of assets

Integrates GIS with CAD to create dimensional, spatial designs

Accelerates return on investment and issue resolution

  • Power
  • Smart Cities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Grid
  • Renewables

Hawaiian Electric Company

ASSET360 planning solutions help prepare for a 100% renewable energy future. Hawaiian Electric Companies wanted to evaluate retirement, refurbishment, or replacement of an aging thermal fleet alongside new technology such as energy storage, demand response, and distributed energy. 

Client Success: Adding Program Efficiency

A major energy and utility company is deploying grid modernization upgrades across its 25 operating states. SEKOIA, powered by ASSET360, helps manage the complex distributed assets to reduce risks and maximize returns. A single source of truth, SEKOIA eliminates the need for separate data sources or file distribution. Stakeholders can create and share updates, dimensional and spatial drawings, and forecasts in real time. Efficient program management saves the company time and money

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