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Risk Matrix

Monitor, Manage and Intercept Risk

How do you quantify potential risk? Risk Matrix calculates the Consequence of Failure (CoF) multiplied by the Likelihood of Failure (LoF) to create an Asset Risk Score.

Visualize Asset Risk Priorities

Real-time and predictive monitoring enables side-by-side asset-risk comparison.

Define Asset-Level Risk

Prioritize your most critical equipment, and understand failure and probability.

Optimize Asset Lifespan and Investments

Consider balance of performance, cost and risk before making investment decisions.

Provides quantitative support for maintenance and replacement decisions

Real-time monitoring and predictive analytics prevents costly issues

Minimizes long-term risk and cost while maintaining high performance

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power

Hawaiian Electric Company

ASSET360 planning solutions help prepare for a 100% renewable energy future. Hawaiian Electric Companies wanted to evaluate retirement, refurbishment, or replacement of an aging thermal fleet alongside new technology such as energy storage, demand response, and distributed energy. 

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