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Resource Planning

The utility distribution model is rapidly becoming more distributed with a variety of renewable resources and increasing levels of customer participation. Planning for this dynamic environment requires an agile approach and data driven decisions. Our Resource Planning solution adaptively considers disruptive and distributed energy resources when evaluating tomorrow’s generation mix, exploring issues that traditional IRP models cannot address.

Enhancing planning to embrace DER and DR

Determine the optimum integration of disruptive technologies (such as solar, wind, EV and storage) into your planning.

Complex Simulation

Consider minute-to-minute granular asset performance, security and operational protocols, and progressive combinations of resource to meet demand and grid service needs.


Understand risk in terms of system stability and stranded assets

Inform investment planning

Provide transparency and demonstrate due diligence with stakeholders


  • Renewables
  • Grid
  • Power

Hawaiian Electric Company

ASSET360 planning solutions help prepare for a 100% renewable energy future. Hawaiian Electric Companies wanted to evaluate retirement, refurbishment, or replacement of an aging thermal fleet alongside new technology such as energy storage, demand response, and distributed energy. 

Client Success: Balancing Compliance with Cost

A power generation plant relies on ASSET360 solutions to ensure mercury and air toxic standards (MATS) compliance. Detailed, complex strategies determine tactical steps to meet air quality standards while maintaining optimal performance, reliability and cost-efficiency. 

Client Success: Managing Energy Resources

A major coastal city port uses ASSET360 to save power and reduce costs. With over 800 tenants and subtenants, the port saw the opportunity to collect and integrate energy information to reduce energy demand, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions and to cost effectively purchase green energy.

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