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Issues Management

An asset issue can be a one-time occurrence or a symptom of something larger. Issues Management provides teams with a view of assets over the complete life cycle.

Manage Issues Holistically

All issues associated with an asset can be viewed together to shorten diagnosis timeframe and ensure quicker resolution.

Prioritize Work Scheduling

Estimate each issue's impact on reliability, efficiency, capacity and costs, and track the asset performance history, status and initiated work orders.

Communication and Collaborate

Promote better collaboration and knowledge sharing across the team, which results in workflow efficiency and optimized maintenance spending.

Organize, track and maintain a log of issues

Prioritize issues by quantifying impacts

Ensure action by assigning responsible parties

  • GRID
  • OIL & GAS

Hawaiian Electric Company

ASSET360 planning solutions help prepare for a 100% renewable energy future. Hawaiian Electric Companies wanted to evaluate retirement, refurbishment, or replacement of an aging thermal fleet alongside new technology such as energy storage, demand response, and distributed energy. 

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