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Compliance Manager

Fleet-wide Compliance Monitoring

The fluctuating energy market, regulations and business objectives emphasize the need for complete, concise monitoring to preserve net revenue.

High level, At-a-Glance View

The dashboard provides the ability to look across all units and all limits on one screen.

Track Key Performance Indicators

Monitor compliance with CSAPR, MATS, and other limitations by unit, along with other key indicators —units meeting expectations, those with narrow margins, and units not meeting targets.

Customizable Reporting

Unit-specific limits can be expanded to include new rules as well as other KPIs, such as generation.

Signals when current fuel, dispatch and unit operating plans may exceed limits

Identifies optimal changes in operations, fuels or other variables to ensure compliance after an AQC system upset

Manages allocation, purchase and sales of CSAPR allowances

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