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Asset Explorer

When teams and distributed assets are spread out over a large area, it’s difficult to get everyone and everything on the same page.  Asset Explorer allows anyone to get up-to-speed on the latest asset information and details.

Create Detailed Asset Registry

At a moment’s notice, authorized team members can view pictures, locations, tags and maintenance history for all assets, across locations.

Centralized Storage

End the paper trails and document hunt with a rich history and profile for each asset.

Lessons Learned

Shared details create a big picture view, which speeds maintenance and operational issues.

Easily Find the Exact Location

Easily locate the exact location, by map coordinates, for each asset.

Share info across teams in real time, across locations

Stakeholders have immediate access to the latest details from anywhere in the world

Machine learning finds new trends over time

  • GRID
  • OIL & GAS

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