Empowering Operations Teams with Expert Remote Monitoring Services

Experienced engineers, dedicated to protecting plant performance

Improve asset reliability
with operational intelligence

Company stakeholders already have too many responsibilities on their plate, and monitoring asset performance doesn’t have to be one of them. Operational intelligence software can improve asset reliability, but it can’t do it alone. The right people and processes need to be in place to maximize the benefit.

Expert monitoring services produce repeatable, successful processes across a variety of plant sizes and environments, and can be performed on site, or from any remote location using AtonixOI. 

Our adaptable and customer-tailored approach will help you navigate through the decision of outsourcing, self-performing or taking a hybrid approach to monitoring your plant, site and fleet.  

Monitoring Services include:
Alert Screening

Alert Screening

Process the AtonixOI alerts in order to identify which alerts require further diagnosis, escalation, or model maintenance.

Root Cause Diagnosis

Root Cause Diagnosis

Explore and present data to identify potential root causes, suggest remediation actions, and quantify risk/opportunity.

Model Maintenance

Model Maintenance

Update and retrain predictive models to reduce false alerts and increase screening efficiency.

Model Maintenance

Process Management

Oversee and guide the monitoring program including issue escalation, prioritization, and stakeholder engagement.

Dedicated support with asset monitoring activities:

Drive Process
Implement Faster
Attention to Detail
Built for Asset Experts
Nimble Execution
Issue Diagnosis, Escalation and Coordination

Preventing Unplanned Downtime

By leveraging an experienced asset monitoring team, clients have the expert guidance they need to stay on top of emerging issues and take proactive action to avoid failures and prevent unscheduled downtime. The benefits that remote monitoring clients enjoy include:

Built for Asset Experts

Dedicated Support

As soon as the solution is fully deployed, plants will have access to powerful insights that enable proactive action to improve asset reliability and efficiency.

Implement Faster

Expert Users

Experts in streamlining the implementation process, ensuring the most affordable way to execute an Operational Intelligence implementation.

Implement Faster

Comprehensive Coverage

With lessons learned and best practices from years of experience, there will be no surprises.

Atonix Digital helps companies simplify Asset Performance Management by putting data to work to detect emerging risks, minimize unplanned downtime, enhance efficiency and improve planning effectiveness.

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