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In today’s quickly evolving plant environment, digital transformation is no longer optional. With ever-increasing amounts of data, the only option is to leverage analytics with software to drive action. But getting software commissioned, especially AI/ML software, can be time-consuming. Enter Atonix Digital.

We created our integration and implementation process from twenty years of experience offering organizations the fastest way to see the full value in AtonixOI solutions – with minimal time and commitment from company stakeholders.


Machine Learning Model templates created


Plants quickly deployed

Our Integration & Implementation Process
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Process Data Integration

Leveraging our library of process data interfaces, we facilitate a data connection to the process data source and back-fill one year of operating data to help calculations and models work more effectively.


Drive Process

Asset and Tag Data Structuring

Our engineers construct the asset data model to match the physical assets and systems, typically in a facility-system-asset hierarchy.


Drive Process

Performance Calc Configuration

We map the measured data points as inputs to a library of performance calculations built on such industry standards as ASME PTC, HEI and proprietary calculations. This delivers key metrics that can’t be measured and enables trending and predicting of values just like they’re a measured sensor value.

Built for Asset Experts

Machine Learning Model Configuration

After selecting the AtonixOI standard model templates to leverage, we configure and train the models for optimal results, then perform model quality assurance to ensure all models are predicting accurately. Models learn historical operation to identify emerging performance and reliability issues.

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Baseline Review

To ensure a fresh start, our engineers complete a baseline performance and reliability review including Long-Term Trend Analysis, Peer Analysis, Then/Now Snapshot Analysis, and an Active Alert Review.


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Stakeholder Training

Our goal is to empower company stakeholders with the knowledge and training they need to efficiently leverage the AtonixOI solutions long after implementation. The Atonix Digital team trains users with best practices on model training, alert screening, and issue resolution.

The Shortest Route to Value and Measurable Success

The Atonix Digital implementation team can deliver fully deployed AtonixOI solutions in less than eight weeks, so companies start experiencing the benefits sooner. The advantages of our integration & implementation service include:

Built for Asset Experts

Faster Speed to Value

As soon as the solution is fully deployed, plants will have access to powerful insights that enable proactive action to improve asset reliability and efficiency.

Implement Faster


The Atonix team has streamlined the implementation process, ensuring the most affordable way to execute an Operational Intelligence implementation.

Built for Asset Experts

Expert Configuration

With lessons learned and best practices from years of experience, there will be no surprises.

Implement Faster

Minimized Resource Investment

Remote connection through the cloud cuts down on costly time and resource investments from digital transformation consulting and on-site initiatives.

  • Kristin C. | Predictive Maintenance Manager
    “We can email directly from AtonixOI, and attach any graphs or reports we want. Then recipients can click ‘Reply’ and respond to everyone, while posting back to the AtonixOI thread.”
    Kristin C. | Predictive Maintenance Manager
  • Robert Hager | Senior Mechanical Engineer, Great River Energy
    “Between Atonix Digital’s AtonixOI platform and Black & Veatch’s Remote Monitoring service, our benefits many times exceed the cost of the solution.”
    Robert Hager | Senior Mechanical Engineer, Great River Energy
  • Brady Kirkwood | Lead Monitoring & Diagnostics Engineer, EthosEnergy
    “Our ability to pursue development of new capabilities jointly with Atonix, as a strategic partner, is extremely important to us.”
    Brady Kirkwood | Lead Monitoring & Diagnostics Engineer, EthosEnergy
  • Derek Birch | Engineering Supervisor, Prairie State Generating Company
    “The notifications give the ability for any member of my team to evaluate discrepancies they wouldn’t normally see.”
    Derek Birch | Engineering Supervisor, Prairie State Generating Company
  • Steve Otto | Senior Engineer, Minnesota Power
    “The asset management solution from Atonix Digital has helped further the company’s transformational efforts and broaden everyone’s knowledge across our operations teams.”
    Steve Otto | Senior Engineer, Minnesota Power

    Atonix Digital helps companies simplify Asset Performance Management by putting data to work to detect emerging risks, minimize unplanned downtime, enhance efficiency and improve planning effectiveness.

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