Operational Intelligence for the Pulp & Paper Industry

Take informed action to prevent unplanned downtime, prioritize maintenance activity, and improve pulp & paper plant performance with AtonixOI Pulp & Paper solution.
Avoid the pulp & paper industry status quo of costly downtime and poor performance:
21 Days
Average time between paper machine component failures.
Average hourly cost of paper machine downtime.
Average overall equipment effectiveness.
Not Just Analytics

Check out the 3-minute demo to see how AtonixOI is different than normal analytics software

Normal Analytics Software

Analytics can be complicated, requiring data scientists

Analytics stop at the identification of an issue

Analytics can take months to deploy


AtonixOI is built for people who know Pulp & Paper

AtonixOI drives a process that ensures resolution

AtonixOI has proven Pulp & Paper model templates that will give your plant full coverage in a few weeks

See it in action
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Example in Pulp & Paper
1000s of system and asset process data tags to OI platform
Asset data tag:
Yankee exhaust fan
emerging reliability and performance issues before they cause failures
Fan bearing temperature began increasing steadily after startup (SCADA alarm failed to detect) – needed further investigation
issues and prioritize maintenance planning based on impact
Automated context trends showed a higher temperature on the lube oil, suggesting slow decrease in lube oil flow to fan
issues through collaboration across stakeholders
Operators identified a leak in lube oil valve upstream of fan. Valve repaired, saving $150K in bearing failure and associated downtime
Georgia Pacific Remote Site Support Powered by AtonixOI

Georgia Pacific created its Collaboration and Support Center (CSC) under the premise of helping the organization improve faster than they ever had before – leveraging digital resources to provide remote site support. They recognized that their sites have thousands of data points with only a few operators per shift – how could they possibly review that information manually? With these realizations in mind, and the goal of learning fast, GP started a pilot of AtonixOI.

Actionable Pulp & Paper Insights for Asset Experts

Asset experts need actionable insights, not complex math tools, to focus on what they know best – pulp & paper plant operations. Implement the AtonixOI solution and start realizing benefits in weeks, not months:
Prevent equipment failures and unplanned downtime
by detecting reliability risks like pump failures or reel misalignment well in advance of a SCADA alarm or equipment failure for swift diagnosis and proactive resolution..
Improve operational performance

by calculating and monitoring key performance indicators to identify performance issues like inefficient boiler operation or excess energy usage before they impact operating costs or product quality.

Prioritize maintenance

for the most critical issues during scheduled outages by understanding the impact of each issue on overall performance.

Improve safety

by monitoring and detecting risks associated with asset failures leading to safety issues like chemical leaks or increased waste emissions.

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Atonix Digital helps companies simplify Asset Performance Management by putting data to work to detect emerging risks, minimize unplanned downtime, enhance efficiency and improve planning effectiveness.

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