How Much Does An AtonixOI
Software Subscription Cost?

Purchasing software can be a headache, and we don’t want to compound that with a complicated pricing model.

Your price is structured by the number of, and type of, sites you want to manage.  Subscriptions with large quantities of equipment are priced higher than sites with relatively lower equipment counts, you decide how narrow or broad you want to go.  Your subscription includes unlimited users and 24×7 access from anywhere – anytime. 

AtonixOI has been proven on large and complex refineries and small and simple water and wastewater sites…and everywhere in between.

AtonixOI Annual Subscription

Estimate includes:

  • Implementation of software
  • Annual software subscription
  • 24×7 access to the latest software release
  • Unlimited user access
  • Customer support
  • Core features: AtonixOI Platform, Explore, Insights and Resolve and API

What happens once you complete this form?

After a quick evaluation, we will calculate an estimate based on the information you provided. We will then email you the estimate and reach out to discuss how to get started.

If you’re not interested or Atonix isn’t a good fit, that’ll be the end of it.

Affordable for all business sizes – Fill out the below form for a price estimate

    How many of each type of facility do you have?

    How many of each type of facility do you have?

    How many of each type of facility do you have?

    How many of each type of facility do you have?

    How many of each type of facility do you have?

    How many tags do you have in your historian?

    Pilot AtonixOI in Your Facililty

    6-month pilots average $20,000-$40,000 and includes:

    • Implementation of software – up and running in <30 days
    • Full AtonixOI platform access
    • 6 month software subscription
    • Complementary professional services to monitor your facility during the pilot

    What you can expect from an AtonixOI pilot:

    • Identification of more than 15 emerging issues, and
    • Well over $100,000 in cost avoidance.
    • Proves the value of your investment to your organization
    • Confidence in your Operational Intelligence investment decision

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