Powerful Results from a Powerful Solution:
AtonixOI Use Cases

Experience the difference of seamlessly deployed operational intelligence.

Companies that deploy AtonixOI solutions experience a myriad of benefits, but time and again, we’ve heard them mention these six. Taken together, they add up to increased value and less unscheduled downtime.

Increased Equipment and Plant Uptime

Identify and quantify operational risks when they first emerge for proactive action. Address equipment reliability issues before they turn into costly failures and downtime.

Improved Process and Asset Efficiency

Gain infrastructure-wide awareness into equipment and process health, increasing the ability to improve equipment and fleet-level operations. Detect, mitigate, and prevent performance degradation well before it hits the bottom line.

Maintenance Prioritization

Assess and quantify your maintenance activities by economic impact to ensure your budget is well-spent. Apply condition-based maintenance techniques to bolster your current scheduled maintenance and long-term maintenance planning programs.


Safeguard workers and equipment by preventing dangerous equipment and process failures to avoid accidents and injuries.

Knowledge Retention

Make full use of previously resolved issues, without relying on tribal knowledge, to inform better decision-making – even with new team members.

Real-Time Economics

Every issue is quantified with an economic impact, giving the entire team awareness of the savings.  Recoup a quantifiable, rapid return on investment (ROI) in a matter of months after initial deployment.

Delivering Unprecedented Customer Value

The numbers speak for themselves. Here is a breakdown of the costs Atonix Digital customers have avoided from early warning detection.


savings from lost production due to inefficiency


savings in consumables (fuel, power, chemicals) from inefficiency


in savings from avoided equipment failures

Atonix Digital helps companies simplify Asset Performance Management by putting data to work to detect emerging risks, minimize unplanned downtime, enhance efficiency and improve planning effectiveness.

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