Swiftly Operationalize Your Asset Performance Management Strategy

Minimize digital transformation costs with rapid deployment

With larger volumes of data than ever before, plants need an automated system to monitor asset performance and minimize costly failures. But digital transformation initiatives can be costly and involve massive resource investments for IT implementation.

The Atonix Operational Intelligence (AtonixOI) platform minimizes these roadblocks. Avoid time-consuming and expensive consulting by securely connecting to Atonix’s cloud platform. After a lean, agile implementation, AtonixOI begins remotely collecting data across multiple sites, systems, processes or assets — even connecting non-standard data sources leveraging APIs. Gain proactive insights and resolutions that prevent unscheduled downtime and enhance operational efficiency.

Simply connect to AtonixOI and start driving profound operational changes that extend beyond reactive maintenance strategies.

The AtonixOI Connection Process
Connecting to the process data source is the first step in our proven OI process to ensure informed action.
A data transfer process securely requests data from the process data historian (or other process data source)
The data is encrypted and transmitted to the AtonixOI cloud
Data is structured to enable rapid deployment of dashboards, performance calculations, machine learning algorithms and diagnostic trends
Built for Asset Experts

Swift Implementation

An agile implementation process gets all system data collected and stored in the AtonixOI platform quickly, enabling stakeholders to start leveraging proactive insights in weeks instead of months.
Implement Faster

Minimized Resource Investment

Remote connection through the cloud cuts down on costly time and resource investments from digital transformation consulting and on-site initiatives.
Drive Process

Adaptable and Customizable

With interfaces for on-premise and cloud data sources, AtonixOI can leverage your existing sensors and historian investments.
Atonix Digital helps companies simplify Asset Performance Management by putting data to work to detect emerging risks, minimize unplanned downtime, enhance efficiency and improve planning effectiveness.

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