AI is Meaningless Without Action

Atonix Digital’s predictive analytics platform closes the gap between analytics and operations

Predictive maintenance, condition-based maintenance and reliability-centered maintenance are all forms of proactive maintenance programs.  At the core of every proactive maintenance program is the need to take ACTION before equipment fails, efficiency drops, or safety and environmental concerns arise.  Traditional proactive maintenance programs don’t provide enough confidence, and AI tools are challenging to operationalize at scale and provide mathematical results instead of resolving real operational issues.

AtonixOI is a cloud-based AI/ML and data analytics platform with built-in collaborative workflow to facilitate issue resolution.  Our platform addresses the challenges of today’s complex and dynamic plant management environments by closing the gap between analytics and operations.

The AtonixOI Platform was developed by engineers with decades of industry domain expertise and was purpose-built to combine the power of predictive analytics with an issue resolution workflow…because AI is meaningless without action.

AtonixOI Solutions: The Shortest Route to Value and Measurable Success

AtonixOI solutions have everything you need to quickly monetize your data. Our unique Connect, Detect, Diagnose, Resolve approach to asset performance management enables plant operations to avoid equipment failures and unplanned outages.

AtonixOI Solution: Enterprise

The Enterprise level of the AtonixOI solution has everything for a comprehensive Operational Intelligence deployment. Prevent all failures with the earliest detection possible.

AtonixOI Solution: Essentials

The Essentials level of the AtonixOI solution is right sized for resource-constrained and SMB customers to prevent failures on critical assets.

See it in action

AtonixOI runs thousands of models across a diverse set of assets in real-time to detect changes in asset performance. Our machine learning algorithms provide operators and engineers with an up-to-the-minute view of infrastructure health and effectiveness.

The AtonixOI Solution is built with asset and process experts in mind; making complex predictive analytics easy to consume for the people who know plant operations. Our process starts with AtonixOI model templates and automated data cleaning, feature selection, and model deployment to complement the templates to ensure high-quality custom models. AtonixOI also makes math selection simple by automatically building multiple AI/ML algorithms for each model; deploying only the most accurate predicting models into production.  If custom models are desired, our no-code model configuration environment enables drag-and-drop configuration of complex AI/ML math algorithms.

Designed to deploy 100’s-1000’s of AI/ML models in just a few weeks, the AtonixOI Solution can help prevent costly crises by focusing your attention on data that is actionable.

Key Benefits:

  • PREVENT UNPLANNED SHUTDOWNS: Gain valuable insight into equipment reliability changes in near-real-time to detect, mitigate, and prevent failures before they impact plant operations.
  • IMPROVE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Identify and quantify performance deviations when they first emerge allowing for optimal usage of power, water, chemicals, and fuel.
  • PRIORITIZE MAINTENANCE BY CONDITION: Assess and quantify your maintenance activities by economic impact. Apply condition-based techniques to bolster your current scheduled maintenance and long-term maintenance planning programs.
  • MAINTAIN SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Asset failures can be dangerous. Proper plant operations ensures that your workforce remains safe on the job.
  • MAINTAIN OPERATIONAL KNOWLEDGE: Aging workforce and workforce turnover challenges great organizations. Past issue resolution is easily recalled supporting better decision-making.
AtonixOI Products

Don’t need the entire AtonixOI Solution? AtonixOI is also available in focused products.

AtonixOI Explore

Collect and Visualize operating data leveraging the AtonixOI historian, data exploration, and dashboarding to enable basic operations oversight

AtonixOI Insights

AtonixOI Explore + a robust performance calculation engine to supplement your measured data for deeper business insight

AtonixOI Resolve

Drive action with collaboration and prioritization tools that ensure issues are carried to resolution
AtonixOI Process

Predictive analytics are only the starting point of Operational Intelligence.  Once operational change is detected, it is critical to diagnose the cause of the change and engage with the operations and maintenance teams to take action. AtonixOI was developed to solve the workflow associated with Operational Intelligence.  Our process of Connect, Detect, Diagnose and Resolve is used to guide the direction of the platform and ensure customer focus. 

How It Works
AtonixOI drives the resolution of operation and maintenance issues by guiding the user from data to action. Here’s how:
  1. Process data is securely transmitted from the customer data historian
  2. Performance metrics (efficiency, effectiveness, cleanliness, etc.) are calculated to supplement the raw measured data
  3. AtonixOI learns historical operational behavior, predicts current behavior, and alerts on abnormalities
  4. Context information is automatically generated to support the diagnosis of root cause
  5. Issues are prioritized by economic impact, and users collaborate to take resolution
AtonixOI AI/ML Automation Makes the Difference

AtonixOI AI/ML automation can create 100’s-1000’s of predictive models in a single-click!  This affords us the ability to get you complete plant coverage in 4-6 weeks so you can start experiencing value quickly.

Technology Overview

Explore the AtonixOI Platform

AtonixOI designed for the asset expert to deploy machine learning in a straightforward no-code environment.

Deployment Automation

With AtonixOI you’re up in running in weeks not months. 1000’s of models automatically created from your data.

Robust Capabilities
From Detect to Resolve, only AtonixOI has AI/ML engines and the workflow needed to connect analytics seamlessly to actions.

Open API Infrastructure

AtonixOI connects with EAM, CMMS and other systems. Enterprise APIs are available to ensure an integrated and intuitive user experience.

Highly Scalable

The AtonixOI platform analyzes >5 billion events annually and stores >1 trillion events. It scales to fit your needs – from a single site to a massive portfolio.


AtonixOI includes but is not limted to: SOC2, AES256 data encryption at rest and TLS 1.2 encryption in motion, role-based user access, encryption key management, and support multi-factor authentication and federated log in.

Key Platform Capabilities

  • Process Data Interfaces
  • Data Historian
  • Machine Learning Math Engine
  • First Principles Performance Calculation Engine
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • API’s

User Experience

  • Alerts Module
  • Data Explorer
  • Issues Management
  • Dashboards
Atonix Digital helps companies simplify Asset Performance Management by putting data to work to detect emerging risks, minimize unplanned downtime, enhance efficiency and improve planning effectiveness.

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