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Performance Analysis

Expose emerging performance problems and enable quick quantification of issues.

Atonix Digital Performance Analysis, powered by ASSET360®, is a cloud-based data analytics product that combines big data, scalable machine learning and interactive visualization technologies to help organizations in energy, utilities, and other industries simplify and improve operations and planning. Purpose-built to serve the needs of owners and operators of complex infrastructures, Performance Analysis applies key performance indicator (KPI) algorithms to data collected from multiple systems and devices to provide at-a-glance asset and operational insights and health information in a crisp, interactive dashboard panel. With real-time operational analysis, organizations have quick access to information they need for measuring overall infrastructure performance. Workflow automation streamlines tracking of issue identification, investigation, and resolution.


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Customer Benefits

Visual panels provide a holistic view of operational analytics in real time, while an intuitive folder tree supports point-and-click navigation to isolate issues or devices quickly.

  • Keep all data safe and secure, guarded against unwanted actions
  • Identify and quantify emerging asset performance issues
  • Provide standardized real-time performance calculations
  • Isolate and diagnose problems before equipment failures occur


Cloud-based Analytics Form DMA Backbone for Kansas City BPU

Leveraging Atonix Digital Performance Analysis, powered by ASSET360, KC BPU saved over $117,000 from water loss reduction.  They also achieved their goals of significantly reducing leaks in the BPU’s water distribution system, were able to automate leak detection and measurement and accelerated their leak repair process.



"If we didn't have this software, we would have to compute everything feeding into us. Performance Analysis calculates the benefits for me instantly."

    Steve Green | Director of Water Distribution, KC BPU