A Unique Business Proposition

We simplify complex analytics and drive a proven process with our Operational Intelligence (OI) platform. AtonixOI products and solutions are industry-proven, setting the foundation for explosive business growth and opportunity for the right strategic partners.
  • Earn Competitive Commissions: We provide competitive commissions on all new software sales AND renewals.
  • Extend Revenue Opportunities: Grow your services revenue exponentially by offering up-front and ongoing service offerings paired with AtonixOI software sales.
  • Secure your Customer Base: Provide your customers with a proven Operational Intelligence platform that creates a sticky relationship and drives additional business in the long term.

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Partner with us. Expand your business opportunities.
By partnering with Atonix Digital, you’ll be entitled to an array of tools and resources to help your customers surmount today’s obstacles and help them grow.
  • Sales and Marketing Resources: Atonix Digital provides an extensive set of marketing, sales enablement, and training tools that will make it easy to sell and promote our products and solutions.
  • Sales Support: Leverage Atonix Digital’s expert sales staff to help take your customer from introduction to closing.
  • Product & Technical Support: The Atonix Digital Support Site offers training and support documentation to help you and your customers optimize their AtonixOI deployments and drive internal adoption.
We are looking for a variety of partners to share in our success
  • Engineering Service Provider: Engineering service providers are a great complement to AtonixOI. Your industry expertise ensures that the software is deployed effectively, and customers get real-world advice as they resolve issues.

  • System Integrator: System Integrators (SIs) provide expertise in data communication and often work extensively with process data. Many SIs are adding analytics solutions as the next step to data historian installations and are a valuable asset to Atonix Digital customers. 

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): OEMs are looking to protect themselves against warranty claims, complement long-term service agreements, and provide differentiated values. As an OEM, you will be able to white label our products and solutions to provide instant value to new and existing customers.

  • Operations & Maintenance Service Provider: O&M service providers with responsibility for reliable and efficient plant operations need an Operational Intelligence solution to surpass contract guarantees and create long-term relationships with asset owners. AtonixOI fulfills this need.

  • Software Companies: Operational Intelligence is part of a bigger puzzle, and AtonixOI integrates nicely with other software solutions in the Asset Performance Management and Asset Management ecosystems. If you have complementary technology, let’s talk!

  • Kristin C. | Predictive Maintenance Manager
    “We can email directly from AtonixOI, and attach any graphs or reports we want. Then recipients can click ‘Reply’ and respond to everyone, while posting back to the AtonixOI thread.”
    Kristin C. | Predictive Maintenance Manager
  • Robert Hager | Senior Mechanical Engineer, Great River Energy
    “Between Atonix Digital’s AtonixOI platform and Black & Veatch’s Remote Monitoring service, our benefits many times exceed the cost of the solution.”
    Robert Hager | Senior Mechanical Engineer, Great River Energy
  • Brady Kirkwood | Lead Monitoring & Diagnostics Engineer, EthosEnergy
    “Our ability to pursue development of new capabilities jointly with Atonix, as a strategic partner, is extremely important to us.”
    Brady Kirkwood | Lead Monitoring & Diagnostics Engineer, EthosEnergy
  • Derek Birch | Engineering Supervisor, Prairie State Generating Company
    “The notifications give the ability for any member of my team to evaluate discrepancies they wouldn’t normally see.”
    Derek Birch | Engineering Supervisor, Prairie State Generating Company
  • Steve Otto | Senior Engineer, Minnesota Power
    “The asset management solution from Atonix Digital has helped further the company’s transformational efforts and broaden everyone’s knowledge across our operations teams.”
    Steve Otto | Senior Engineer, Minnesota Power
    Atonix Digital helps companies simplify Asset Performance Management by putting data to work to detect emerging risks, minimize unplanned downtime, enhance efficiency and improve planning effectiveness.

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