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Aug 14, 2019

New Webinar Showcases Advanced Pattern Recognition Benefits

EthosEnergy Leveraged Platform to Avoid Downtime During Must-Run Period

Many Atonix Digital customers oversee large, geographically distributed infrastructures. The sheer size and complexity of these networks present a variety of challenges to asset management, monitoring and diagnostics. For EthosEnergy, an independent provider of services and solutions, these challenges nearly proved catastrophic.

“If [our customer’s inlet filter] degradation had continued, they would have crossed the trip level for their alarm during a “must run” period,” said Brady Kirkwood, monitoring and diagnostic engineer for EthosEnergy. “With early warning, advanced pattern recognition from ASSET360, we were able to deviate from a course of action that would’ve led to downtime and reliability issues.”

Kirkwood explores this scenario more deeply in our new webinar with Atonix Digital President Paul McRoberts and Black & Veatch Associate VP of Asset Management Services Dave Brill.

According to Kirkwood, the partnership has led to some dramatic benefits for the provider, including:

  • Improved operating margins
  • Reduced fuel and maintenance costs and streamlined operations
  • Knowledge capture and consolidation
  • Increased reporting accuracy
  • Simplified team collaboration and issues management
  • Rapid return on analytics investment

Listen to the webinar to get a unique “boots on the ground” perspective of ASSET360’s advanced pattern recognition capabilities.

Listen now!

Take a closer look at the technology behind the success story by checking out our Monitoring & Diagnostics product.