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Monitoring & Diagnostics

Comprehensive issue detection, diagnosis, and resolution software.

Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics is a secure, intelligent, cloud-based data analytics product purpose-built to prevent equipment and process issues before they occur. Monitoring & Diagnostics combines decades of industry domain expertise with machine learning, data exploration, and issue collaboration tools to detect, diagnose, and resolve operations and maintenance issues.

Analytics tools are often cumbersome to implement and result in intangible value.  Monitoring & Diagnostics can be implemented in a few weeks, and it drives a process that ensures action delivering measurable savings.


Customer Benefits

ASSET360 Detects, Diagnoses, and Resolves issues by guiding the user through a proven process that ensures action.  Here’s how it works:


  • Sensor data is securely streamed from the customer site in real time.
  • Additional KPIs and equipment performance metrics are calculated using the process data and engineering calculations.
  • The machine learning engine learns “normal” operation and alerts the user to abnormalities in operation.
  • The user leverages advanced data exploration techniques to diagnose the potential cause of the change.
  • A team of stakeholders collaborate to prioritize the action and resolve the issue.


Benefit infographic Image

success story banner image 1 SUCCESS STORY

EthosEnergy Partners with Atonix Digital to Grow Power Plant Service Business

This independent provider of services and solutions to power, oil & gas, and industrial companies gained 10x increase in productivity with Monitoring & Diagnostics and Performance Analysis.

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“Our ability to pursue development of new capabilities jointly with Atonix, as a strategic partner, is extremely important to us.”

Brady Kirkwood | Lead Monitoring & Diagnostics Engineer, EthosEnergy

success story banner image 2 SUCCESS STORY

Prairie State Energy Campus: An Operating Model for a 21st Century Baseload Plant

Prairie State Generating Company, serving more than 2.5 million customers across eight states, appreciates a collaborative solution for predictive maintenance and strategic planning. Learn how they saved more than $17M over six years with early detection.

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“The notifications give the ability for any member of my team to evaluate discrepancies they wouldn’t normally see.”

Derek Birch | Engineering Supervisor, Prairie State Generating Company

success story banner image 3 SUCCESS STORY

At Minnesota Power, Advanced Data Analytics Drives Continuous Process Improvement

With the goal of transforming operations from reactive to proactive, Minnesota Power was able to save $2 million through early issue detection and advanced pattern recognition capabilities from Monitoring & Diagnostics and the ASSET360 platform.


"The asset management solution from Atonix Digital has helped further the company’s transformational efforts and broaden everyone's knowledge across our operations teams."

    Steve Otto | Senior Engineer, Minnesota Power

success story banner image 4 SUCCESS STORY

Great River Energy Boosts its Preventive Maintenance with Predictive Analytics

The ability to monitor, analyze, diagnose, and resolve issues quickly and easily has greatly improved reliability at Great River Energy. Through a combination of extended asset life, reduced outages, and other efficiencies, Great River Energy has benefited from hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.


"Between Atonix Digital's ASSET360 platform and Black & Veatch's Remote Monitoring service, our benefits many times exceed the cost of the solution."

    Robert Hager | Senior Mechanical Engineer, Great River Energy

success story banner image 5 SUCCESS STORY

Advanced Pattern Recognition Transforms Electric Power Operations

An electric power utility company team wanted to implement a data-driven Monitoring and Diagnostics solution, and found success in bundling Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics (M&D), powered by ASSET360®, ​​​​with Black & Veatch’s Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics services. This bundled solution helped the company achieve $1 million in savings from failure avoidance and other efficiencies.


"We can email directly from ASSET360, and attach any graphs or reports we want. Then recipients can click 'Reply' and respond to everyone, while posting back to the ASSET360 thread."

    Kristin C. | Predictive Maintenance Manager

Monitoring & Diagnostics in action

With Monitoring & Diagnostics, create models with automatic screen alerts and process workflows that detect, quantify risk using calculation models and manage emerging issues before a failure occurs.  Once identified, create the issue and send directly to your staff who can open, handle and respond to the issue directly from their smartphone.  The process leads to early diagnosis of emerging risks and quick resolution. 


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Atonix Digital has saved our customers over $181 M due to early detection and quantification of emerging issues.


Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics provides sustaining value to each and every customer and has diagnosed over 26,000 issues, resolving over 16,000 issues to date.



Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics monitors over 150,000 assets in the ASSET360 platform.


Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics has over 100,000 real-time machine learning models.