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Investment Planning

Streamline investment plan evaluation and comparison.

Atonix Digital Investment Planning enables investment leaders to model competing scenarios quickly, while allowing all program stakeholders to make and share strategic decisions collaboratively. The cloud-based program provides a fast, data-driven way for organizations to evaluate multiple investment scenarios, and to forecast the benefits and impacts of each scenario on specific stakeholder communities. It offers an interactive workspace for planners and stakeholders to assign goals, costs, benefits, and risks to specific locations along the infrastructure to be built, expanded, or upgraded.


Customer Benefits

Investment Planning provides a high-level view of multiple alternative scenarios, as well as the ability to drill down into specific scenarios, to modify inputs, assumptions, dependencies, and other factors.

  • Model multiple goal, approach, and investment combinations
  • Review cost-benefit profiles at specific points in time
  • Manage goals assigned to specific sites or locations
  • Simplify collaboration for executives, strategic planners, and others