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Manage the flood of data in real-time to boost efficiency 

As we move into the era of Digital Water and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), water and wastewater treatment plant operators will be able to deploy new smart, data-driven technology that can pick up previously undetectable changes in infrastructure performance. These predictive technologies will help companies anticipate equipment issues and failures, as well as build a roadmap to improved maintenance and programmatic equipment replacement.

Atonix Digital asset performance management (APM) products and solutions move water operations from reactive to proactive. Our data analytics and workflow capabilities help water operators and managers develop new opportunities for cost control, risk management and improving levels of service.

Customer Benefits

Industry leaders turn to advanced asset monitoring to manage the flood of data to improve operational efficiency and decision-making. Atonix Digital solutions: 

  • Enhance reliability through early detection of emerging issues.   
  • Enable infrastructure-wide awareness. 
  • Forecast equipment life expectancy. 
  • Enable vital asset operating and planning decisions.
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Cloud-based Analytics Form DMA Backbone for Kansas City BPU


"If we didn't have this software, we would have to compute everything feeding into us. Performance Analysis calculates the benefits for me instantly."

    Steve Green | Director of Water Distribution, KC BPU

$1 T


An estimated US $1 trillion in new investment is needed just to rehabilitate current water infrastructure over the next two decades. (Source: Confronting America’s Water Infrastructure Challenge, AWWA) 



83% of respondents are “very or somewhat interested” in the larger effort of asset management.  (Source: Black & Veatch 2018 Strategic Directions Water Report) 



70% of respondents expressed interest in real-time control and Big Data system analytics. (Source: Black & Veatch 2018 Strategic Directions Water Report)