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Wastewater Treatment


Advanced issue detection, diagnosis, and resolution to simplify critical wastewater operations

Atonix Digital’s Wastewater Treatment Solution combines wastewater treatment models and templates, machine learning, advanced pattern recognition (APR), and problem remediation tools to your asset data and work processes, which help treatment facilities detect changes in infrastructure performance, identify equipment issues and head off costly failures.

The application of these technologies allows you to identify asset anomalies in near-real-time to prevent costly equipment and operational failures, improve process monitoring, failure reduction, water quality, and reporting.

The Atonix Digital Wastewater Treatment Solution is your alternative to aging, manually-intensive processes and tools designed to deploy in weeks, not months and is priced to pay for itself in savings and efficiencies well within the first year of operation.


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Customer Benefits

Leveraging SCADA and other systems and applying advanced analytics and workflow, Atonix Digital’s Wastewater Treatment Solution helps plant managers and operators identify previously undetectable changes in systems performance and unlock new opportunities to control costs, manage risk and improve service.

Our software solution frees stranded data to unlock new insights into the health of wastewater treatment infrastructure.

  • Gain a facility-wide view of their infrastructure performance.
  • Reduce overall costs of managing your​ infrastructure assets.
  • Prioritize failure mitigation to improve maintenance plans.
  • Streamline monitoring and reporting to meet regulatory mandates.
  • Automate your plant's processes to ease aging workforce concerns.
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Wastewater Treatment Solution in Action

Atonix Digital’s purpose-built Wastewater Treatment Solution is designed to enable early detection and fast remediation of such issues as sewage discharge, poor effluent quality, biosolids, equipment failure, and process inefficiencies. In this video, we will walk you through the complete workflow: Evaluate, Analyze, Monitor, and Resolve.

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The US Municipal Wastewater market will be worth $126.4 billion over the next five years, between 2019 and 2023.

*Source: Global Water Alliance


$30 billion per year is expected to be paid for digital products and services, including SCADA, billing systems and analytics.

*Source: Global Water Alliance


Nearly 60% of if the US municipal water facilities have either no process to assess the probability of failure or have process developed but not significantly implemented.

*Source: Bluefield Research, Global Municipal Water Infrastructure Report.


The Center for Water Studies shows that over a third of the water industry professionals will be retiring within a few years, leading to concerns about finding experienced, knowledgable replacements and are looking to data analytics technology to bring the gap.