Operational Intelligence for the Power Generation Industry

Take informed action to prevent unplanned downtime, prioritize maintenance activity, and improve performance and safety with AtonixOI Power Generation monitoring solutions:

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    Avoid the power generation industry status quo of costly downtime and poor performance:

    900 hours
    Average annual unplanned downtime for each fossil fuel generating unit.
    Average hourly lost revenue due to downtime per fossil fuel generating unit.
    Of the $15 billon spent on wind generation maintenance was spent on unplanned repairs.
    Not Just Analytics

    Check out the 3-minute demo to see how AtonixOI is different than normal analytics software

    Normal Analytics Software

    Analytics can be complicated, requiring data scientists

    Analytics stop at the identification of an issue

    Analytics can take months to deploy


    AtonixOI is built for people who know Power Generation

    AtonixOI drives a process that ensures resolution

    AtonixOI has proven Power Generation model templates that will give your plant full coverage in a few weeks

    See it in action
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    Example in Power Generation

    What failures could you prevent with real-time tracking of issues from alert through resolution?

    1000s of system and asset process data tags to OI platform
    Asset data tag:
    Cooling tower motor vibration
    emerging reliability and performance issues before they cause failures
    Upon startup, motor vibration was 2-3 times higher than expected – needed further investigation.
    issues and prioritize maintenance planning based on impact
    Automated context trends showed highest motor and gearbox vibration in the past year. Vibration was also higher than the other 15 cooling towers on site.
    issues through collaboration across stakeholders
    Operators verified vibrations with local inspection, shut down the equipment and performed maintenance at next outage, preventing $150k in maintenance and performance derate.
    Data-Driven Decision Making for Utilities

    Advanced Pattern Recognition Transforms Electric Power Operations

    Actionable Power Generation Insights for Asset Experts

    Asset experts need actionable insights, not complex math tools, to focus on what they know best – power plant operations. Implement the AtonixOI solution and start realizing benefits in weeks, not months:
    Prevent equipment failures and unplanned downtime

    by detecting reliability risks like turbine bearing failures or shaft misalignment well in advance of a SCADA alarm or equipment failure for swift diagnosis and proactive resolution.

    Improve operational performance

    by calculating and monitoring key performance indicators to identify performance issues like inefficient boiler operation or decreasing performance ratio or wind turbine efficiency before they impact generation capacity.

    Prioritize maintenance

    for scheduled outages by understanding impact of each issue on overall performance.

    Improve safety

    by monitoring and detecting risks associated with asset failures leading to increased waste emissions or unsafe maintenance conditions.

    Atonix Digital helps companies simplify Asset Performance Management by putting data to work to detect emerging risks, minimize unplanned downtime, enhance efficiency and improve planning effectiveness.

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