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Power Generation

Power Generation leaders look to adopt a data-driven approach to managing assets. 

Plant operators must rigorously manage downtime and ensure availability from their aging assets. A growing reliance on renewable energy sources can strain baseload power plants optimized for constant production levels. Preventable failures hurt overall plant efficiency. Fortunately, data-driven insights provide early warning of emerging issues and can streamline daily operations to improve reliability and efficiency. 

Effective asset management solutions help plant managers predict outcomes, shorten issue response times, respond to problems well before they trigger alarms or force shutdowns, and ultimately extend the life of their infrastructure assets. Atonix Digital helps plant managers predict outcomes and develop alternative scenarios for informed planning, decision-making, risk mitigation and budget control.  

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Customer Benefits

Power Generation executives and managers are facing increased pressure to leverage data analytics and asset management solutions to manage complex plant infrastructure assets. Atonix Digital solutions: 

  • Enhance reliability through early detection emerging issues.   
  • Drive operational efficiency to streamline operations.
  • Simplify issue lifecycle management. 
  • Improve operational efficiency. 
  • Make vital asset operating and planning decisions. 
  • Maximize ROI with proactive asset management solutions.


CPS Energy: The Smart Money's on Efficient Operations

Learn how the largest municipally-owned energy utility in the U.S. saved more than $5M with early detection of equipment failures.

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“One thing I definitely like about this solution is that it applies a standard way to estimate the savings we can achieve by fixing things, as well as the money we’d lose by not fixing them.”

Mike Harris | Generation Performance Manager, CPS Energy


Prairie State Energy Campus: An Operating Model for a 21st Century Baseload Plant

Prairie State Generating Company, serving more than 2.5 million customers across eight states, appreciates a collaborative solution for predictive maintenance and strategic planning. Learn how they saved more than $17M over six years with early detection.

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“The notifications give the ability for any member of my team to evaluate discrepancies they wouldn’t normally see.”

Derek Birch | Engineering Supervisor, Prairie State Generating Company


EthosEnergy Partners with Atonix Digital to Grow Power Plant Service Business

This independent provider of services and solutions to power, oil & gas, and industrial companies gained 10x increase in productivity with Monitoring & Diagnostics and Performance Analysis.

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“Our ability to pursue development of new capabilities jointly with Atonix, as a strategic partner, is extremely important to us.”

Brady Kirkwood | Lead Monitoring & Diagnostics Engineer, EthosEnergy


Great River Energy Boosts its Preventive Maintenance with Predictive Analytics

The ability to monitor, analyze, diagnose, and resolve issues quickly and easily has greatly improved reliability at Great River Energy. Through a combination of extended asset life, reduced outages, and other efficiencies, Great River Energy has benefited from hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.



"Between Atonix Digital's ASSET360 platform and Black & Veatch's Remote Monitoring service, our benefits many times exceed the cost of the solution."

    Robert Hager | Senior Mechanical Engineer, Great River Energy


At Minnesota Power, Advanced Data Analytics Drives Continuous Process Improvement

With the goal of transforming operations from reactive to proactive, Minnesota Power was able to save $2 million through early issue detection and advanced pattern recognition capabilities from Monitoring & Diagnostics and the ASSET360 platform.


"The asset management solution from Atonix Digital has helped further the company’s transformational efforts and broaden everyone's knowledge across our operations teams."

    Steve Otto | Senior Engineer, Minnesota Power


Advanced Pattern Recognition Transforms Electric Power Operations

An electric power utility company team wanted to implement a data-driven Monitoring and Diagnostics solution, and found success in bundling Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics (M&D), powered by ASSET360®, ​​​​with Black & Veatch’s Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics services. This bundled solution helped the company achieve $1 million in savings from failure avoidance and other efficiencies.


"We can email directly from ASSET360, and attach any graphs or reports we want. Then recipients can click 'Reply' and respond to everyone, while posting back to the ASSET360 thread."

    Kristin C. | Predictive Maintenance Manager

$4,370 M


The global plant asset management market is projected to reach $4,370 million by 2021. (Source: Technavio’s Global Plant Asset Management System Market Report)