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Oil & Gas leaders embrace data-driven approaches to asset management. 

Today, Oil & Gas companies are deploying new technologies that promise greater efficiencies – to reduce budgets, reduce operating costs, and increase safety, all while increasing overall production levels. To accommodate this, oil and gas companies are looking beyond asset maintenance to asset management software that can capture, monitor and analyze critical data in real time. By improving their ability to monitor infrastructure asset health, companies can make more confident, data-driven financial decisions.   

Atonix Digital asset management solutions help Oil & Gas operations professionals shorten issue response times, respond to problems well before they trigger alarms or force shutdowns, and ultimately extend the life of their infrastructure assets.   

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Customer Benefits

Amid spiraling infrastructure costs and complexity, industry leaders turn to advanced asset monitoring approaches. Atonix Digital asset management solutions:

  • Enhance reliability through early detection of emerging issues.  
  • Boost productivity by streamlining operations. 
  • Forecast equipment life expectancy. 
  • Make informed operating and planning decisions. 
  • Deliver higher levels of reliability, efficiency, and productivity.
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By 2018, 75% of all Oil & Gas companies will have at least one digital transformation initiative in full operations deploying cloud, big data and analytics, process automation or Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) for the organization to advance their IT environment. (Source: IDC FutureScape, Worldwide Oil & Gas 2018 Predictions) 

$49 M

Offshore Oil & Gas operators experience downtime on average $49 million annually in financial impacts due to unplanned downtime. For the worst performers, the negative financial impact can be upwards of $88 million. (Source: 2018 Kimberlite Oil & Gas Research Study) 

$17 M

Operators using a predictive, data-driven approach to maintenance experience 36% less unplanned downtime than those with a reactive approach. This resulted in, on average, $17 million dropping to the bottom line annually. (Source: 2018 Kimberlite Oil & Gas Research Study)