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Industrial Power


Affordable IIoT creates opportunities for condition-based maintenance for industrial power plants. 

Managers of industrial power plants – plants that generate mission-critical power to sustain industrial or commercial processes – face numerous disruptors, including fast-evolving technologies, fluctuating fuel costs, and a shrinking pool of veterans to manage these systems and processes.  Fortunately, growing access to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies offers industrial power plant managers an unprecedented opportunity to streamline asset health monitoring, diagnostics, and issue remediation.  

When plant managers integrate schedule-based maintenance with data-driven condition-based practices, they can achieve new levels of operations safety, reliability, and efficiency. 

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Customer Benefits

Data-driven maintenance solutions offer industrial power plant managers new ways to streamline operations and maximize ROI. 

  • Streamline operations through early detection of emerging issues.
  • Integrated communication features with secure access.
  • Improve control by leveraging ASSET360’s library of asset models.
  • Simplify collaboration with email integration. 
  • Increase reporting accuracy real-time performance calculations.
  • Maximize ROI with a secure cloud solution.
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$4.4 M


Cost of generating a megawatt of power using natural gas in 2027, according to Turbomachinery Magazine. 

$11.1 T


Total potential impact of IoT by the year 2025, according to McKinsey & Company