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Distributed Asset Construction


Managers of large infrastructure construction, expansion, or modernization projects need specialized solutions. 

Program managers charged with building, expanding or modernizing infrastructures need a specialized solution to centralize planning, exception, and status data. The solution needs to complement – not duplicate – leading project and program tools. It must provide secure access to a myriad of data and file types, including CAD renderings, geospatial coordinates, schedules, manifests, photographs, contracts, and other materials. Program success requires up-to-the-minute data from up to thousands of stakeholders and data sources. For this reason, program management solutions need security, scalability, and anytime, anywhere access via a variety of devices.

Atonix Digital Distributed Asset Construction solutions will help you take control of these large projects. 

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Customer Benefits

Secure, scalable, centralized management is essential for keeping large infrastructure construction projects on schedule and under budget. 

  • Improve control and coordination with integrated communication. 
  • Centralize access to process workflow automation.
  • Review project status across time with time slider feature.
  • Empower stakeholders across organizations and geographies, with anytime access. 
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Percent by which large infrastructure construction projects typically exceed their schedule completion dates (McKinsey & Company) 



Percent by which large infrastructure construction projects typically exceed their budgets (McKinsey & Company) 



Construction executives who say they use spreadsheets and other manual documents or programs for project reporting (KPMG International) 



Project management professionals who cite changes in an organization’s priorities as a leading cause of project failure (Project Management Institute)