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Your work fits a niche, and our niche is your niche.


Utilities are facing a new world of competition and change. Atonix Digital solutions help power generators realize greater levels of asset and system-wide efficiency and reliability.


Smart renewables integration begins with strategy — and the data to back it up. Data analytics can answer important questions, such as anticipated adoption rates over the next 20 years and how to manage programs and costs.


Water and wastewater utilities are drowning in data – from SCADA to maintenance management systems. We aggregate the data and apply intelligent analytics to give you a 360-degree view for planning and operations.


It’s a new world of energy. What does it mean for the grid? Grid analytics manage risks and predict distributed energy impact, so you can adapt, stay competitive, and thrive.

Oil & Gas

The growing global demand for clean, affordable energy requires smarter operations and innovation. Effective data analytics can enhance enterprise asset management, reduce risk, and better inform strategic planning.

Regardless of your industry, you can bet we can help