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Jul 13, 2018

Having a Hard Time Resolving Geographically-Dispersed Issues Quickly?

One of your field techs has identified an issue with an asset and is trying to get it resolved, but he needs information fast and the timely collaboration of various people who are not onsite. Sound familiar?

The task of managing your assets’ issue resolution across a disperse geographic region can be a difficult notion in itself. This challenge becomes even more daunting if you are trying to quickly access mitigation best practices or get immediate collaboration for fast resolution. As your engineering procurement and construction projects multiply, managing the overwhelming amount of information flow becomes harder to understand and prioritize; and if your team is using endless email threads to correspond, best practices and lessons learned can become lost forever.

Imagine if your distributed workforce could instantly alert project collaborators of a problem and get immediate feedback and discussion, all while having a network to prioritize that issue among a list of other issues. Imagine having at your fingertips, the status of that issue’s resolution. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an issues management tool that allowed you to document the case and its resolution, so it can be quickly searchable in the future?

Issue Resolution SEKOIA

Atonix Digital Program Management offers you a holistic view of your assets’ health. Powered by our ASSET360® cloud-based analytics platform, it allows you to share and save knowledge across teams and prioritize issues for resolution, all while improving your bottom line with information that can help you make strategic decisions for asset upgrades.

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