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Feb 26, 2019

Great River Energy Boosts its Preventative Maintenance with Predictive Analytics

Aiming to achieve maximum efficiency of its Coal Creek plant, Great River Energy, a not-for-profit electric transmission and generation cooperative in Minnesota with nearly 1.7 million customers, met its efficiency goals in within its first year of using digital and remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Challenged with decreasing downtime, the management team at Great River Energy also wanted to extend asset life and utilize the right solution mix to avoid hiring additional full-time engineers. With these priorities in mind, they chose to initiate the Coal Creek pilot in May of 2015, utilizing Black & Veatch’s  Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic Services and Atonix Digital's Monitoring & Diagnostics software, powered by ASSET360®.

Within the first year, the senior mechanical engineer at Coal Creek, Robert Hager, identified not only a notable reduction in downtime; but when suboptimal performance conditions were flagged by the system, technicians were able to take appropriate corrective measures faster.

A multitude of simultaneous projects are being run at the Coal Creek plant, from routine temperature and vibration readings to a major turbine overhaul. Quickly accessing information about the performance of these systems is critical to operating efficiently—whether an engineer needs to conduct a fleetwide review of reliability measures or an insight into why there is a temperature spike for a single water pump. Hager also shared that they look at day-to-day trends even as they troubleshoot and make repairs, but they don’t always have the time to look at everything.

The Coal Creek plant continues to see many efficiencies with the solution, which it adopted after a one-year pilot. The data-driven asset management solution improves surveillance across the entire infrastructure of the Coal Creek plant.

With its proactive initiative to achieve the 25% renewable standard in 2017, eight years ahead of schedule, Great River Energy aims to lead the power distribution and generation industry by setting the standard on efficiency.  This shift from reactive crisis responses to more programmatic processes now extends across the organization, beyond asset management and preventive maintenance.

Read the full client storto learn more about Great River Energy’s use of monitoring and diagnostics.