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Apr 10, 2019

Feature Spotlight: The Program Management Time Slider

by Paul Bowman

"Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”

     - William Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor

As the leader of a giant infrastructure project, how many tools do you work with on a daily basis? How often do you find yourself toggling from screen to screen, application to application, trying to identify, analyze, and resolve problems across dozens of locations?

At any given time, you’re trying to push communication out to 40+ sites, each with its own requirements, permits, site planning, and more. The tracking is endless. You want to make sure you’re on course with schedules and budgets. You’re managing a massive tangle of email threads with site supervisors and contractors, responding to questions from executives, offering status updates and requesting answers. Each person utilizes different tools to access, analyze, and process information and data. They’re working with a riot of different file formats and data schemas, and somehow it all needs to come together at your desk. 

Trying to use a hodgepodge of disconnected tools to manage this complex process heightens the risk of human error.

Our developers designed Program Management to let your team share files pertaining to individual assets, sites, or the project as a whole. Everyone across the value chain can use Program Management to share files and other data generated by commonly used platforms like Primavera P6, AUTOCAD, and ArcGIS. This allows all of your information to live in one place, where you can view it graphically per location. (Example: say you’re leasing a building or parcel of land. With Program Management you can upload a lease document and associate it with the relevant site, so that it’s easily accessible by all who need it.) 

This open, collaborative design lets Program Management users update information about project status, exceptions, and resolutions on the fly. You’ve got a living, organic view of progress on a site-by-site basis, as well as across all the sites. 


Program Management

The Time Slider Tool 

One tool that distinguishes our Program Management software from similar products is the Time Slider. This feature simplifies detailed forecasting and historical data collection for large, multi-location infrastructure projects. The Time Slider essentially boosts your project visualization power

You live in a world of constantly-changing timelines. When managing multiple sites and countless variables, the time to completion for identical jobs can differ by a wide margin. Because Program Management integrates a broad suite of tools into one secure SaaS portal, it facilitates communication and record-keeping by centralizing access to all the information. 

The Time Slider allows you to place your project in a temporal context. When you time-enable your data, you can understand what your project will look like in a week, a month, or a year from now. This Time Slider takes current parameters into account when projecting. 

As an example, let’s say one of your sites has just hit a snag. This might be an unexpected delay in a permit application or an equipment breakdown. Your executive steering committee will need something more specific than “the project is delayed.” Program Management lets you update milestones and time frames, click and drag the Time Slider to forecast the percent completion rate for any given date, and generate a detailed view of your project’s state at the end of the quarter. 


Time is Money  

Your ability to visualize your project months from now is vital to your company’s success. When all is said and done, time is money. When you hit a snag in a project, your stakeholders need to know about it. Superintendents and others managing downstream projects need to know the knock-on impact on their work. Accountants need to assess the risks of cost overruns and idle resources. Superintendents need to revise resource plans. You need data to determine what options you have to make up for lost time. 

Plug in different parameters to find the optimal path forward for your project. Offer better detail with higher confidence to address the concerns of your executives. The Time Slider feature lets you expedite project management adjustments. It makes complex information more manageable, aligns it with project deadlines, and helps you reset milestones, forecasts, and expectations.  


Learn More About the Program Management Tool

Program Management isn’t a replacement for your project management tool. Think of it as a secure, all-in-one workspace in the cloud. We get it: the tools you rely on are stock-in-trade for your industry. ASSET360 provides an rich environment for you and your far-flung managers and stakeholders to assess opportunities, work through challenges, and keep your project on track. Scattered, non-integrated tools are difficult and stressful for you and your users to try to tame. Black & Veatch engineers have invested over 100 years of experience and know-how to develop a software product to streamline work for infrastructure managers and other project leaders. There’s a level of context within ASSET360 that you won’t find anywhere else: a platform built to address the opportunities and challenges experienced by EPC engineers, and hardened in real-world environments. 

There are many “uncontrollables” in life. Don’t let your next infrastructure project become one of them. 

Learn more about Program Management.

Paul Bowman

As an experienced product leader focused on delivering value to customers, Paul is responsible for managing the product strategy and roadmap for the Atonix Digital Program Management product. He does this through in-depth conversations with customers and industry experts to understand the challenges associated with distributed assets projects.

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