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May 19, 2020

Do You Have All the Key Elements of Strategic Asset Performance Management?

BY Atonix Digital Team

Consider the IDC Technology Spotlight Your Trusted Checklist


The recently published IDC Technology Spotlight, Strategic Asset Performance Management: A Competitive Edge for Energy and Manufacturing, outlines the recommended elements of strategic asset management.


While asset performance management (APM) systems have existed for years, utilities are taking a new approach—one that utilizes asset data to show performance and drive business. 

The report covers how the right APM system can:

  • Predict potential failures
  • Diagnose the root causes of issues
  • Identify the fix
  • Manage regulatory compliance
  • Centralize communication efforts
  • Calculate risks and costs

Having all the key elements of APM creates sizable savings and improves performance across assets tenfold. The right asset maintenance strategy can lead to longer periods of continuous operation and remove the risk of unplanned outages, producing the best operational and financial results for the utility.

Find out how to attain the critical elements of strategic asset maintenance by downloading the full spotlight.

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