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Aug 06, 2018

Digital Water is Smarter Water

The Black & Veatch 2018 Strategic Directions: Water Industry Report shows room for growth among water utilities that are collecting robust amounts of data from their systems. For instance, the report finds that only 14 percent of respondents are using their SCADA device data to predict asset failure, as well as to monitor system health and other operational purposes. Just over one-third of respondents reported using SCADA for operational purposes only, and less than half stated said they are using SCADA to monitor both system health and operational purposes.

The true value of a digital water program emerges when operators can move from archiving and analysis of historical data to forward-looking predictive and prescriptive analytics. Here for example, the algorithms can comb through data sets to identify previously undetectable changes in vibrations on a pump or changes in water pressure within a system and schedule preemptive maintenance to maximize uptime. This can help organizations anticipate leaks or asset failures and inform the roadmap of capital investments.

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