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The Atonix Difference – How We Deliver Value

Most asset performance management solutions don’t drive action. We fix that.


Ensuring your assets are running at optimal productivity is critical for your business. Every moment your plant experiences unplanned downtime, or isn’t running at peak capacity, costs you money and degrades your competitive edge.

When it comes to improving your production and reliability, you have several options. Chances are, you’re reading this because you’re not satisfied with the solution that’s currently in place.

In this post we are going to review the following key points to determine if you should explore an engagement with Atonix Digital:

  • Why do I need software like this?
  • How does your software solve that problem?
  • Why is that better than my other options?
  • How can I justify the expense?

The impact unplanned downtime has on your company

When it comes to creating a strategy to prevent unplanned downtime while maximizing asset utilization, it helps to understand the impact of the issues you’re hoping to avoid.

For the pulp and paper industry: 


For the oil and gas industry: 

Additionally, there is no shortage of methods to employ to prevent unplanned downtime and unnecessary losses. However, many of these methods are hard to use and largely ineffective, especially at scale.

In fact, those that do not use a “predictive” maintenance approach based on data and analytics experience 35.7% more downtime than those that do. [Kimberlite] Even with the knowledge of how expensive unplanned downtime is, the methods being utilized are rarely effective at preventing or even reducing it.


Here’s a closer look at the common ways companies seek to prevent unplanned downtime

If companies are doing anything at all about it, they probably rely on one of the following methods to manage their assets:

  1. In-house Brute force:

    Companies will create an ad hoc spreadsheet for data analysis, to identify trends. They may also utilize dashboards to help visualize critical metrics.

    This approach works fine if your fleet of assets is not that big or complex, since this is a time consuming effort.

    it’s limiting because the incoming data quickly becomes untenable as there are more failure possibilities than can be reviewed manually, and the likelihood of missing key warnings or insights grows.

  2. Data Science Approach:

    This is a more precise program led by data scientists with analytics tools, attempting to create a highly refined predictive model.

    This approach works fine if
    you have a large budget to pay a team of experts and your asset base isn’t too large or complex.

    it’s limiting because, 1) chances are the data scientists don’t know the assets/process, 2) the analytics software doesn’t drive action, and 3) it takes a long time to calibrate the models and identify meaningful insights to act upon.

  3. Use Traditional Asset Performance Management Software:

    When your asset base grows beyond what is reasonable to manage on a manual basis, companies typically graduate to specialized software to manage the reliability of their assets.

    This approach works fine if
    you can spend a lot of time setting up single groups of assets around your software’s capabilities and have project managers to ensure the team is taking action.

    it’s limiting because the software programs may alert you of problems they don’t provide you with insight as to why the problem is occurring, the risk or opportunity of the issue, or workflow to drive remediation activities.

But none
of these methods allow you to identify risks and drive action across all of your assets at scale. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

This is how Atonix Digital Solves These Problems For You

Ultimately you do not need another piece of software that incrementally helps catch some equipment errors. You need a resource that actually helps your personnel improve the productivity of your operation, without becoming a user-experience nightmare, while being cost-justified.

These are the key tenants of your ideal solution that alternative options are missing:

Drives a complete process: Detect, Diagnose, Resolve

When you just get an alert or a diagnosis, the next logical step may be to send an email to someone in maintenance. But if the maintenance team is getting frequent emails about new problems, who can keep up?

Imagine a software that delivers solutions instead of identifying more problems – all teams having the clarity of specifically what needs to be repaired, and when, according to the economic impact a particular alert will have on your business.

Full asset coverage in weeks not months:

While many solutions may feel appealing, the pain of change may outweigh the benefits – especially during implementation/deployment. This is why it’s critical to be able to implement the solution quickly so you can begin to experience the benefits in a matter of weeks, not months.

Atonix is able to expedite the deployment process by leveraging thousands of proprietary machine learning model and performance calculation templates that we’ve derived over 20+ years.  These templates are easily applied with your equipment data, making a custom ML model in a fraction of the time.

Built for the Asset/Process Expert:

Many analytics solutions target data scientists or mathematicians who don’t have a strong understanding of the assets/process.  This leads to inefficiency in deployment and confusion for the operations team.

We enable the asset expert with sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, analytics to ensure efficient deployment without specialized resources.

Utilize domain expertise to expedite deployment and diagnosis:

Most solutions require the creation of analytics from scratch; significantly delaying the recognition of value.  Once deployed other solutions require manual creation of dashboards and trends to diagnose the issue.

Atonix brings over three decades of experience across multiple industrial sectors, which enables rapid creation of accurate, customized models as well as automated diagnostic trends and dashboards.


How You Justify Your Investment

Many companies embellish their ROI to the point of being unbelievable.  Atonix derives ROI metrics from real customer experiences with conservative probability-weighted value assumptions.

With AtonixOI, every issue is economically valued based on avoided downtime (or reduced capacity), avoided maintenance costs, and reduced cost of operation.  Each impact is then weighted based on the probability of failure.  Customers monitor and sign off on these impacts, validating their accuracy.  On average, the documented annual savings is greater than 10x the annual software subscription.  See Customer Success Stories for more information.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.  The best way to justify your investment is by running a pilot.  The Atonix pilot program makes the initial investment small and enables us to prove our value prior to scaling the deployment to your fleet of assets.  Customers who run pilots make confident buying decisions in <6 months.

Ready to Start a Conversation?

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Atonix Digital helps companies simplify Asset Performance Management by putting data to work to detect emerging risks, minimize unplanned downtime, enhance efficiency and improve planning effectiveness.

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