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How APM Gives You a Competitive Advantage—What the Data Says

The IDC Technology Spotlight Can Show You How

For energy, water, and industrial companies, asset performance management (APM) is more than a routine—it’s a strategy that creates better business outcomes. APM systems provide asset data that reduce downtime and drive smarter business decisions.

According to IDC’s recent spotlight, Strategic Asset Performance Management: A Competitive Edge for Energy and Manufacturing, organizations are leveraging APM to sharpen their competitive edges by:

  • Preventing unexpected outages
  • Allowing greater visibility across the organization
  • Centralizing historical and real-time data across fleets
  • Increasing availability and reliability of all assets
  • Reducing downtime
  • Yielding a higher return on investment

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The IDC Technology spotlight points to many examples of how APM enables utilities to drive real-world results and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Implementing APM is proven to reduce maintenance labor costs and increase mechanical efficiency.

Read more to learn how to use an APM platform to manage assets and create better business outcomes.

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