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Easy Button – Painless Digital Transformation

Easy Button – Painless Digital Transformation

Most Digital Transformation efforts are filled with challenges – complicated software implementations, hours of training, and cumbersome organizational change.  Fortunately, getting started with AtonixOI is like hitting the Easy Button.  It’s fast, affordable, and we do all the work!

When getting started with AtonixOI, our goal is to minimize the burden on your organization.  During the software implementation process, your team will spend less than 1 hour of their time.  We’ll simply ask for a tag list and some P&IDs or control screen images, then we’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone with your IT professional to get networking rules configured to enable data communication (don’t worry, it’s secure).  Once the information is provided and networking rules are established, you can just sit back; we’ll have the system fully configured to your plant in less than a month.  This means that with 1 hour spent by your team and 1 month of calendar time, you’ll have hundreds or thousands of custom machine learning models that will cover all of the systems and assets in your plant (here’s how).  It doesn’t get easier than that.

But we all know that the work doesn’t end once the new software is running.  That’s why Atonix Digital provides our Platinum level of our Customer Success Program for all new customers.  In this program, our engineers will monitor your site remotely; screening operational alerts from AtonixOI, diagnosing the cause of the operational deviation, quantifying the economic risk and opportunity, and coordinating actions with the plant team.  Your effort will be limited to reading the AtonixOI email notifications (which are only sent for actionable issues), and collaborating on next steps to address the issue.  No need for extensive software training.  No changes in daily responsibilities for your team.

After experiencing the value that AtonixOI has to offer, some customers choose to continue using the Atonix Digital Customer Success team for plant monitoring and some customers choose to bring this responsibility in-house.  If you want to bring it in-house, we have a staged training program that will help transition that responsibility at whatever pace is comfortable to you.

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