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5 Questions That Drive Action To Avoid Unplanned Downtime

Asset Performance Management Software That Brings Problems Instead Of Solutions IS The Problem


Is your asset monitoring software bringing you problems instead of solutions?

You’re not alone.

One of the most common failures of monitoring software is failing to provide enough context and recommendations to the plant staff.  i.e. The monitoring software simply informs the plant staff that there is an alert.

The plant staff are busy with the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the plant – few have time to dig deep into emerging issues.

Successful monitoring software provides actionable guidance to the plant staff. This ensures the right action is taken, in the right timeframe, to solve the specific issue creating this alert.

Effective software provides clear answers to the following five questions:

  1. What changed, by how much and should I be concerned?
  2. What is happening to related parameters like other bearings on the same shaft or information about peer assets?
  3. What are the potential root causes of the issue and which is most likely?
  4. What is the financial risk or opportunity associated with the issue?
  5. What is the recommended next step?


Compare these two examples of software that does and does not drive action:

Ineffective Software That Drives No Action

Alert: Pump A inboard bearing vibration is increasing.

What’s Missing? This is the extent of the information provided by most software.  It answers none of the required questions to ensure the appropriate adjustment is made.


Effective Software That Drives Swift Action

Alert: Pump A inboard bearing vibration has slowly increased by 0.5 Mils relative to the expected value for the current operating conditions.

Context: The bearing temperature on this same bearing is also increasing.  We investigated other bearings on the same shaft and recognized that all bearings on this shaft are exhibiting similar behavior.

Root Cause:  Because there are multiple bearings with elevated vibrations and temperatures, the cause is unlikely to be bearing damage.  More likely causes are changes in the lube oil system or changes in shaft alignment.  Currently, the oil outlet temperature is elevated, suggesting the root cause is reduced oil flow.

Financial Risk:  If a bearing on this pump fails, the plant will be reduced to 50% capacity for 2 days resulting in lost revenue of $450,000.

Action:  Locally check the lube oil control valve to ensure it is fully open and not stuck.

Additional Information:  Please see the attached annotated charts and trends for more information.


Your Next Logical Question: How does our team access such detailed information?

You now know what it takes to drive action, but you may be thinking that it will take a lot of work to provide this level of detail.

Fortunately, Atonix Digital provides an Operational Intelligence solution; AtonixOI puts all of this information at your fingertips.

When a pump bearing vibration model goes into alert, AtonixOI promotes the diagnosis process by automatically providing context data regarding the bearing temperatures, information about other bearings on the same pump, and trends of similar pumps in the plant.

Once diagnosed, AtonixOI facilitates the economic prioritization of issues with efficiency, capacity, and maintenance impact calculators then drives resolution with workflow and collaboration tools.

Information is essential to drive action to prevent expensive unplanned downtime.

AtonixOI is essential to make this information actionable.

Increase the effectiveness of your monitoring software by increasing your actionable information. Make it easy with AtonixOI.

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