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Sep 20, 2018

Big Data Bringing Optimization to Life for Water Utilities

Below is an excerpt from an article by Andrew Chastain-Howley, Director of Water Solutions for Atonix Digital. This article first appeared in the Black & Veatch 2018 Strategic Directions: Water Industry Report. It includes insights from a project with the city of Lawrence, Kansas, and how they are benefiting from solutions powered by our ASSET360 platform.

A similar article also recently appeared in Water Online, “How Big Is Big Data Among Water Utilities?


Big Data and the complicated algorithms that help translate that data into intelligence can be difficult concepts for any organization, regardless of industry, to swallow. With a plethora of data available through monitoring systems and sensors, how do utilities gather, mine and, most importantly, analyze that information to make a tangible impact on long-standing asset management challenges?

Until now, water utilities have seemingly been caught in a bind between time and resources. Their water and wastewater infrastructure is deteriorating, pumps are breaking down, pipes are springing leaks and other assets are reaching the end of their natural life cycle, but cash-strapped utilities have not had the money or the infrastructure knowledge to make necessary upgrades.

Water providers are now beginning to make the most of their data to save on operational costs and improve efficiency by focusing with a new sense of urgency on core issues. In the 2017 Strategic Directions: Water Industry Report only 10 percent of survey respondents were utilizing cloud-based software across all parts of their business; this year that figure jumped to 28 percent.

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