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Dec 18, 2018

Atonix Digital Named as a Top 25 Utilities Tech Solution Provider

CIO Applications

Atonix Digital is proud to be featured among the Top 25 Utilities Tech Solution Providers by CIO Applications. Below is an excerpt from their recently released edition which describes this recognition and how they compiled the Top 25. Also, read an interview with our president, Paul McRoberts, where he shares insights about Atonix Digital.

Trending technologies such as predictive analytics, big data, Iota and the popularity of the cloud infrastructure have undoubtedly amplified the capabilities of the utilities sector significantly. However, apart from the influence of cutting-edge technologies, another important factor that ushers the sophistication we see in the utility sector is the rise of innovative vendors. These utility solution providers have been incorporating trending technologies in their solutions to empower clients, thus enabling them to exploit the myriad benefits that technology disciplines like Artificial Intelligence (AI) have to offer.

The companies recognized in this edition have engineered solutions that have disrupted the utilities landscape in recent times. They have garnered immense visibility for their ability to deliver cost-effective, enterprise-specific solutions that steer their utility clients ahead of their industry peers.

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