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Every degree of results for your business—delivered.

Extracting digital insights by connecting the power of math and data to drive business decisions.


Our products are powered by ASSET360, a cloud-based data analytics platform that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and planning for complex and distributed assets. Purpose-developed to serve the needs of owners and operators of complex infrastructures such as power generation and distribution systems, water utilities and industrial assets such as smart cities. Atonix Digital customers leverage our products through the life-cycle - including design, construction and operation phases - to improve ROI, reduce risk and improve decision-making.


ASSET360 integrates and interprets data from myriad infrastructure sources to interpret operational behaviors, schedule and track projects tasks, facilitate asset management decisions and extend planning horizons. User-friendly dashboards provide a holistic view of operations as well as the ability to isolate specific issues or devices with just a few clicks.


Used by more than 100 clients worldwide, ASSET360 delivers cutting-edge technology and powerful data analysis to empower businesses to remain nimble, efficient and competitive.

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Easy to use, hard to ignore

No need to learn a complex new system. ASSET360's intuitive features simplify adoption and use. Data is displayed in easy-to-understand visualizations to speed decision-making. Browser-based access makes it accessible to all authorized users  anytime, anywhere.

Safety and security, by design

ASSET360 analytics solutions are configured and operated with the same high level of protection as utility networks and meet National Electric Reliability Corporation standards. 

Big data, bigger results

Integrate disparate data and sources into a central view for improved understanding and collaboration. Scenarios crunch data in multiple ways and algorithms look for typical patterns, as well as anomalies, so users can make informed business decisions. 

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