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Mar 05, 2019

Asset Management Solution Drives Continuous Process Improvement

You want to make proactive strides to improve your company’s environmental footprint but need to find a software solution that will not only identify and alert you of emission fluctuations and asset issues but report back on its findings? Here’s one approach.

Minnesota Power, a generation, transmission and distribution company, is doing just that across its 26,000 square-mile territory, and they are seeing impactful results. In fact, with early issue detection offered by our Monitoring & Diagnostics software combined with Black & Veatch Remote Monitoring Services, Minnesota Power is now able to analyze issues before they become a problem. This proactive approach to issue mitigation has paid off with a quick return on their software investment. An issue that goes unnoticed can incur thousands of dollars; with its software-plus-services solution, Minnesota Power successfully recovered over $2 million in cumulative annual savings at the Boswell plant in 2017 alone as a result of ongoing early diagnostics.

The advantages of advanced data analytics are not limited to cost savings. They also help Minnesota Power track progress on its EnergyForward strategy, which calls for transitioning its energy mix to two-thirds renewable energy and renewable-enabled natural gas, and one-third environmentally-compliant baseload coal.

“Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics helps us track all that,” says Senior Engineer at Minnesota Power, Steve Otto. “It provides us with a report card to show our stakeholders how effectively our systems reduce our mercury, NOx and CO emissions, and allows us to effectively communicate and get all on the same page.” Minnesota Power considers effective communication as a cornerstone for success.  “With Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics we can effectively communicate using their intuitive issues tracking and collaboration tool,” said Steve Otto. “We can monitor, track and resolve issues whether we are in the control room or out in the field and that further helps our collaboration and allows us to resolve issues quickly and with minimal distraction from our day to day priorities and activities.”

Atonix Digital’s ASSET360 software platform consolidates data from a variety of sources into a single point of reference. This intuitive tool can help you to make decisions that impact your bottom line quickly; whether it be to view the health of each asset, prioritize and simplify workflows and upgrades, or track complex projects at all stages.

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