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Atonix Digital has a twenty-year history of helping plant managers and operators avoid unplanned shutdowns, improve asset efficiency, and gain operational insights.

Analytics was not driving outcomes – So we started Atonix.

Analytics don’t prevent equipment failures or optimize production without strong alignment with the operations & maintenance teams. Atonix Digital was founded on the principle that data is only as good as the action it guides. 

Atonix emerged in 2018 on the heels of 25 years of solution software development at Black & Veatch, working with 100’s of industrial companies.  Over this period, it was recognized that there wasn’t a commercial ready solution that could (1) quickly make sense of large volumes of operating data and (2) deliver clear information to operation teams enabling them to take action.  Atonix was formed to focus on Operational Intelligence on the principle that data & information is only as good as the action it guides to optimize performance, improve reliability and efficiency, detect emerging risks and maximize return on net assets. 

This depth of engineering insight and operations experience enabled Atonix to develop rich AI/ML models templates and refine the ideal team collaboration. AtonixOI is now able to deploy 1000s of models quickly while ensuring that all issues are resolved.

Delivered as SaaS, operating and monitoring assets 24×7 in the secure AWS cloud, AtonixOI is accessed by field personal, engineers, operations, and management with a simple browser on any device.

In December 2016, HBR posted a white paper called Why You’re Not Getting Value from Your Data Science.  The paper presents four principles that align with the way AtonixOI was developed further validating our approach to the marketplace.  Our unique blend of elite engineers, data scientists, and software developers built a platform that builds accurate, custom models quickly at a high volume through automation and embedded domain expertise so our users get results quickly rather than spending months in the model building process.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Paul McRoberts


Paul McRoberts, CEO – Paul brings over 25 years of experience in the software industry; Led $1Bn business at Autodesk, and the disruption of 2D to 3D building and infrastructure design.

Jacque Hansen


Jacque Hansen, CFO/COO – Jacque is a CPA with 25+ years of corporate finance experience including asset divestiture, business spinoffs, and foreign currency strategies.

Matt Kirchner


Matt Kirchner, CPO – Matt is a Professional Engineer with 20+ years of software, engineering and consulting experience in the utility, industrial and manufacturing industries.

Brian Schumacher


Brian Schumacher, CTO and Head of Engineering – Brian brings 25+ years of on-premise and cloud-hosted software development experience.

Atonix Announcement:

Reflecting the growing convergence of data-driven software applications with its core client services, Black & Veatch, a leading engineering, construction and consulting company, today announced the creation of Atonix Digital™, LLC.

The role of data analytics is evolving. No longer just a way to measure and inform plant operators about established systems, data is now an end-to-end solution – guiding an organization across the entire infrastructure and asset lifecycle: Planning. Building. Operating.

As demand for innovative, scalable asset performance management (APM) platforms rises, Black & Veatch has sold Atonix Digital™ LLC, a software company focused on operational intelligence for resource intensive industries to the management team of Atonix Digital.

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    Atonix Digital helps companies simplify Asset Performance Management by putting data to work to detect emerging risks, minimize unplanned downtime, enhance efficiency and improve planning effectiveness.

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